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my hat is deep & full of magic.

i prefer to be friends with people of
similar interests. if your interest is
"life," then we will probably get along
wonderfully. pm if you're interested! ♥

my hat is deep & full of magic.
14 December 2011 @ 01:32 pm
What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Love Actually. I've already watched it twice this December and it makes me feel better when I'm overwhelmed by finals (which is always). ♥

(Just two more days, augh...)
my hat is deep & full of magic.
20 James McAvoy icons & 04 Michael Fassbender icons + 1.5 James McAvoy wallpaper-sized graphics & 1 Darren Criss wallpaper-sized graphics because I'm on an X-Men kick right now and both boys just photograph so prettily. I couldn't find as many Fassbender sites with HQ/unwatermarked images so that's why the balance is off, but if a kind soul wants to photodump or link me to one, I will compensate. ♥ Also the wallpapers were sort of made as a personal thing (D-Criss happened all the way back in February and I totally forgot about it until now) so they're not offered in multiple resolutions, but you are free to crop them however you'd like as long as you don't redistribute them.

wanna feel you love me at the speed of sound.Collapse )

❶ Credit as you see fit, but I really love comments & feedback.
➋ Don't redistribute or edit without a link back to this post.
➌ I only post graphics sporadically, so take that into consideration before you decide whether or not to watch me. If you do, you will still only have access to my public posts. PM me if you want that to change! ;)♥

Thank you so much!